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Looking for O Que √© A Senha Do Sumup?…this is the sum up walkthrough video I’m going to take you through at the cashier screen and the back office log in the sum up and here is their card reader we’re a company called store kit and we’re a marketplace the software and payments options for merchants so if you’re thinking of paying for some up but you’re not sure and you want help deciding you can give us a call we partner with some up but we also partner with their competitors and so we can give you objective advice on what we think is the best option for you so now we are gonna log in to the sum up cashiers screen so this is the screen of our store kit iPad and you can see I’ve just opened the summit sum up app and I’m gonna log in I’m just blocking it out now because I don’t want you to see our password but after I’ve typed this password in in a moment I click login and you can see it takes me straight into the cashiers screen on the sum up app I’m using this on an iPad that’s an iOS device and that does have implications for which hardware you use now this is the main cashier screen you can see this is a selection of different products these are just the automatic ones that come with the sum up pre-installed and you can see there

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I’ve hit one and it’s given me three different variants and then it’s added up the sum total and I can type in the cash payment or click pop card pay if I want if they’ve paid with more than the amount which is what’s happening here and then it just tells me exactly how much change I need to give them and I can choose to print a receipt or not based on what what they’d like so now I’m gonna go from this screen and I’m gonna look in this is the the transaction so this is just a straightforward list of sales you can see if I tap a specific sale this was one that was declined I can investigate why it was what happened there it’s as it failed accidentally click button and then if I go to one of the successful sales if I just click on that then I can you know give them their money back if that’s what I want to do and a little wipe the the sale or record that I’ve I’ve given them their money back this is an entire page that is dedicated to some UPS MLM if you do want to refer people to sign up then that’s your choice and here is settings this is one of the most important things so you can see all the different items that I can pair with my sum up account and here it’s scanning for card readers it’s it’s looking for the sum up err card reader which you can get on stalk its website if you sign up with some up through us you can also get that card reader discounted this is the printer page and a printer can connect either through Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi which would mean that the printer plugged into your router with an Ethernet cable and then Oh beyond the the store Wi-Fi and connect could connect to your iPad or or or phone that way here you can see employees I can add different employees and all this means is that I can manage the different the different permissions levels of different employees can they issue refunds or not and then I can view some things in the back-office by employee here this is what happens when I turn on and off the product catalog so what you just saw there was at the screen where if you turn it off and you don’t have a list of products you can just type in a custom amount for each each transaction that comes in if you’re a a one product but sort of various transaction size business I can set different tax levels and add new tax if you’ve got different taxes that apply to you in your product specifically and then there is a fair amount of support so this will try and route you through so it’s taking me to the website there you can see and I don’t really want to talk to them on the website but they do have a hotline that I think is available from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays and reduced hours on weekends as well and then there is a there’s a chat bot which is basically a sort of flowchart with different things that might be going wrong for you okay that was the sum up app now we’re going to take you into their back office which you can access via login over the Internet this is the sum up back office so this I’ve accessed via a web login and in much the same way you’d log into the app you can log into the same screen via an online portal this is the main sort of reporting view that you get with sum up there’s not a terribly huge amount of different things to see but you can see that we can look at the different transactions we’ve made either by day or by week and we can set sort of custom time frames there you can see some basic information about the kind of transaction was a cash or card and you can also see where what money has been remitted to your account by sum up and what’s still being processed here you can see that I can look at it kept by cash or card and set different filters in order to see the transactions that have come through and there are sort of some basic selection tools to to analyze the different transactions that have come through by by product [Music] a product management you can see here a list of products now you can create new products through the interface but you can see this is the slightly easier one and lots of people prefer to have an image on that product library so that it’s really fast with the cashier they can immediately just hit a button that they can see is the thing they’re selling and I can set the tax level and do a couple of different variants of this item so here’s a list of our different employees and I can add new employees and set the permissions level through the back as well you can see and this is the the sum up shop where you can buy all of their different products if you if you like we prefer that you buy venturi store kit this again is their referrals program you can see that the online and features basically reflect what what’s available through the cashier screen but it might be a little bit easier because you’ve got it on there on the big screen in front of you and that was more or less everything in the back office now just some quick notes of on some of itself before we wrap up some up is one of the most basic and software packages out there there wasn’t it sort of lots of different reporting tools and there wasn’t anything like inventory management in order to get those kinds of things you would need to have POS software that you would pay for on top of a payment processing option now if you’re that size of merchants you can still use some up as your payment processing option but you may want to have POS software that’s integrated with some up fortunately some up has lots of great POS partners that you can integrate with and then your and as you you tap items on your your POS the correct price will queue on the the card reader ready for the for the customer to pay we showed you the iPad there but you can use any tablet or phone so long as it’s either iOS or Android so no windows and then obviously you can log in to the back office from any device that can access the internet finally the only fees with some up beyond the price of the card reader is one point six nine percent processing fee on all credit and debit cards so unlike a traditional payment process so you’d have a contract this is pay-as-you-go and you pay the same fee regardless of what kind of card it is whether it’s Amex if it’s a foreign card as a business card same fee one point six nine percent whether or not that’s cheaper for you can depend on a few different options and sorry on a few different factors such as the average size of your transactions and other things like that so give us a call if you’re not sure whether it’s the cheapest processing option view but the software itself is free that makes some great choice for a small merchant it has basic POS software and it has great payment processing even for the larger merchants it can be a great payment processing choice again if you’re not sure give us a call we are and stalk its website if you just click on the link in the description of this video or below this video in our on our web then you can talk to us for free now and we’ll direct you to the the best payment solutions for you thanks very much. 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